How to use a Live FPL Draft.

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL), is a fun and competitive online game that is played by English Premier League (EPL) fans. It can be played from any part of the globe, you just have to register on the FPL website and select your team before the season starts. Regarded as a twist on FPL, it is also free to play like the normal game, so you do not have to pay anything. It serves as a complement to the normal FPL, here you don’t have to worry about the prices of players, just about getting them. Players are chosen singly by the participants, so you have the chance of picking the best players for your draft team.

Use your FPL details to create

Use your FPL details to create the draft and invite your friends and family members to join and compete in your draft league. The least number of managers acceptable is 2, while the max is sixteen, unlike the regular game where they can be more managers. There are some public draft leagues you can join and compete with managers from all over the globe, 8 is the max. Your squad must have the complete set of 15 targets, 3 attackers, 5 in the midfield, 5 at the back, and 2 goalies. Unlike the regular FPL, a premier player can only be in one squad in your draft league, for example, Salah can’t be in two squads.

How to use a Live FPL Draft

A draft takes place at the time set by whoever created the league, player selections are done in turns by participants. The best size of teams in your private draft should be made up of 8 teams because each team will be a unique one. Because the number of good footballers tends to get exhausted after 8 people have made their selections. This is done to keep the game fair and competitive for everyone involved in it, in these public leagues, 4 to 8 is acceptable. You should note that, if you were absent from the draft selection process, your team will be randomly chosen for you. So, you have to place the players you wish to be in your squad on the watchlist so that the system can randomly pick for you.

However, before the draft selection process occurs, a random order is created known as the snake draft. This snake draft works in a way that, the first person to choose in the first becomes the last person in the next round. For example, in round 1, ABCD, and in round 2, DCBA, this is done to increase the fairness of player selections among participants. The only advantage in picking first is that you will get your most wanted target in round 1, but in round 2, you will be last to pick. This serves to ensure that as a manager in a draft league, you have an equally fair chance of selecting good players for your team. So go create a draft league and invite your family and friends to join you before the next gameweek’s deadline time.