How To Make Money Online

The internet provides opportunities for different digital marketing, unfortunately, some use it mainly for social media activities by like Facebook and Instagram. There are more than a million different ways to make money online but, this is limited to a few persons that understand what it means to work online. Job opportunities exist online not only on Facebook, Instagram but, the internet as a whole consists of business avenues and networking opportunities. When it comes to marketing, population plays an important role in creating awareness. This explains why some companies will rather locate in countries with greater population size. Fortunately, more than 75% of the world’s population is using the internet that means you can use the internet to market your company.

Websites and blogs are two major

Websites and blogs are two major tools that can be used to make money, few individuals understand how to use these channels to make some quick cash. James Ken was a young graduate from the Department of Economics. He graduated with first-class honors in Economics in 2004, the best results the university recorded for that year, 3-years after graduating still no job. Every attempt to get a job both from the public or private sectors failed. This was difficult for Ken though intelligent, still couldn’t get a job. It was 5-years already, the young graduate was still jobless Ken remembered what his lecturer once told him that it is more honorable to be an employer than an employee.

How To Make Money Online

For several weeks Ken kept pondering over those words, after much frustration Ken decided to take some extra classes on internet marketing. There wasn’t any form of training on information technology while at the university, many of the students had little knowledge of how to use the internet. Ken was the best student yet he was still lacking as far as using the internet was concern. For over 6-months Ken enrolled for studies in digital training. It was an entirely new career for Ken where he learned how to design websites, create blogs, using Google Ads, and several other ways to make money.

At the end of this program Ken started an online business, each student that enrolled for the IT training was required to design a website and a blog before being issued a certificate of completion. James was successful in this assignment. Every day he will move around to different business centers and shops to take pictures. He will advertise those shops with their services on his website and blog. Within a short period Ken set up a marketing and advertising company, few years later Ken became a consultant, countless publications were made through Ken’s blog, teaching people how to make money online.

Companies contacted James for affiliate marketing; they provided information about their products and services. Since James Ken was indeed popular with millions of followers on his blog and huge traffic on his website, his site became a marketing channel for many great companies. Through the outstanding success recorded by James, other graduates became interested in learning from him.