Fantasy Premier League: Tips to note while playing the exciting football game

The English Premier League is the most exciting competition in Europe full of ecstasy, thrillers, suspense, and race to supremacy. With 20 Premier League teams battling hard to be crowned champions of England, competition is tough especially among the biggest clubs in England. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal are all in the race to lift the prestigious trophy. Few clubs will also battle hard to survive relegation in a total of 380 games to be played in a season. However, the Premier League designed a competition for its lovers across major continents to enjoy the weekly matches while getting involved in the competition at their convenience.

Fantasy Premier League is designed to

Fantasy Premier League is designed to give pleasure to lovers of European football especially the English domestic league. With a registered account via email, it is easily accessible through the web or Real Fantasy Premier League application available to all Android and IOS users. Games are employed to bring entertainment, and this is no exception. Fantasy Premier League includes several features that make it beautiful to play without any difficulty. Following a complete registration, a player is provided with $ 100 to sign initial 15 players for the tournament. The team includes 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 3 attackers to choose a starting eleven for every week of Premier League actions while managing the team.

This is a game that is

This is a game that is awarded in points to players who perform more than they are required. It is best to select the best players for each match to gain more points. Values are awarded to all positions including the goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, and attackers. All players who make 60 minutes of play is awarded two full points. A decrease in points occurs for many reasons, and which can result in a negative score for any position. At the goal post, a goalkeeper’s point is reduced should he concedes two or more goals at the end of regulation time which works equally for a defender. Yellow cards, red cards are given to players to reduce their tally which can also lead to a negative point.

Fantasy Premier League: Tips to note while playing the exciting football game

Penalty miss, own goals are other forms in which tallies are reduced. Points are increased for a goalkeeper who keeps a clean sheet, makes 3, or move saves in a game. Keeping a clean sheet is important to both keepers, defenders, and midfielders as tallies are awarded for the performance. The number of tallies awarded for a defender or goalkeeper who scores is higher than midfielders and forwards. Assists, goals, clean sheet, bonus, cards given, saves are contributed to the number of tallies given to each player weekly. The figures are crucial as they make the game more competitive, interesting to play especially with friends and families.

It is required to select a starting lineup before the first game of the week. Deadlines are set at 90 minutes before the opening game of the week to ensure each user is fully prepared for the week. Chips are provided to increase the number of figures earned by a certain player. Three chips are available and can be used once throughout the entire season. A captain, vice-captain are selected every week to lead the team to glory just like a real game. The triple captain chip is used to triple the tallies earned by the captain in a single game. Captains always get their figures doubled and can be shifted to vice-captain in a captain’s absence.

To manage a fantasy game, one free transfer is allotted to make changes to the squad. Several transfers can be made but four credits will be deducted from the total score for every transfer made. Wildcard is a good chip used to make a complete transfer without a cost. Bench boost, free hit is available to manage the team’s performance. Three maximum representatives can be selected from each team to make the needed 15. Four representatives are left out while 11 are chosen to compete for credits. Bench boost will sum all credits earned by all 15 representatives in a Gameweek.

Automatic substitutions are enabled for starters at the end of a Gameweek. Excitingly, it incorporates different leagues to join to test the knowledge of Premier League football. Private, public, global leagues are available to compete with thousands of people across all continents.