Fantasy Football: Why Playing Fantasy Football Is A Mixture Of Luck And Skills

Although you can’t authoritatively say that Fantasy Football is a combination of luck and skills, experience has shown that both attributes have a major impact on your success. However, most experts maintain that being on top of a Fantasy Football league at the end of a season is based on your performance rather than skills something that’s still debatable. In answering this question, MIT conducted a series of researches for more than two years, and lots of findings were made. The study established that success in Fantasy Football depends upon users’ ability to master a few concepts of football in the real world.

For example, having more knowledge about

For example, having more knowledge about statistics, football rules, players that are injured, weather changes, together with other factors will give you an upper hand. It’s important to note that these skills are not limited to Fantasy Football alone since other fantasy sports, including hockey, cricket, baseball, and not mention basketball require them. Researchers went ahead to reveal that beginners should never use their study in selecting a better football team. This alone shows that the MIT study has several gaps and their findings cannot be trusted wholeheartedly.

More importantly, the failure of the

More importantly, the failure of the study pinpoints specific skills that will make you stand out from others paints a bad picture of the report. Instead of providing specific answers to the question asked, Hosoi together with her team could only provide findings based on the number of losses/wins that thousands of Fantasy Football players around the continent produced. Pointing an accusing figure to Hosoi and the team for doing a shoddy work will be misguided since they were approached by FanDuel to carry out research on their behalf.

Fantasy Football: Why Playing Fantasy Football Is A Mixture Of Luck And Skills

Similarly, their study took a number of years meaning they had ample time to look at every available data. Being the second-largest company in Fantasy Sports, FanDuel sponsored research that could help them understand the market logistics in this sector. This comes as the debate whether Fantasy Football should be considered as betting is gaining momentum. For some reason, you cannot collectively say that it should be part of gambling since there other factors standing between them. Unlike football gambling which depends only upon luck, Fantasy Football requires both skills and luck to be present for you to win.

With more than 6 million registered users on its platform, a person could imagine that FanDuel played a hand in determining the outcome of the research that was conducted by MIT. To put it differently, arguing that Fantasy Football is a game of luck is the same as saying it’s gambling which is not true. In Fantasy Football, users are expected to come up with virtual teams with names of real players that play professional football. Users are then supposed to pit their team against other virtual teams and winning will depend on the performance of your players on the field. If you want to become a successful player in Fantasy Football, you need to master the skill of having the best players in your team.

While this will ensure that you have a competitive team to play, you will still need luck to win. Equally, luck is something that happens in almost all sections of the community and is not only limited to Fantasy Football. For example, you need to have the luck to win against strong virtual teams. Nevertheless, this does not mean that Fantasy Football is similar to football gambling something that might bring other repercussions. Apart from bringing the enforcement of the UIGEA Act into effect, calling it football gambling will see it lose lots of advantages, including attracting age restrictions.

UIGEA Act is federal legislation that prohibits a player from transmitting funds made in betting activities across states. Since the game does not follow in any betting category, it enjoys huge commercial advertisements on cable TV channels. Because the foundation of Fantasy Football is the presence of actual footballers that have continued to make greater impact in the actual field, there’s a common stand that you can follow their form over time. Even though this can be possible in the short run, it’s difficult to keep track of all footballers for a long period and this is where luck becomes more important.