Annoying Actions That Society Has Normalized

In every society, there are things people do that dong look right, annoying little things that make anyone want to jump out of their skin. The strange thing is, people, do shady things, and also get to be offended when affected parties confront them about their actions. It’s crazy how someone gets into your space, exercises their lack of restraint without consideration, then sit there like they didn’t just do something queer. Herein, is a brief description of annoying things society has normalized because someone has to stand up to some of these people, they’re very annoying, to say the least.

The first annoying thing that people

The first annoying thing that people always do is being restless, and fidgeting while journeying by bus. As soon as the driver closes then the door to drive away, the person seated next to you starts their rocking back and forth routine while frequently stepping on your toes then apologizing for it. Their rude behavior normalized because of the argument that they too paid for a bus ticket. Whenever such characters are called out for being annoying, their first line of defense is to always bring up their payment. The solution to this is to always make a quick study of the other person before the bus gets to the first stop then either get off or ask to switch seats with any approachable passenger around.

Annoying Actions That Society Has Normalized

Another group of queers that need to be called out is the people who walk around all neighborhoods, befriending everyone on their path. You sit down at the park trying to listen to some music and clear your mind, then suddenly a stranger stretches their hand out to make contact. As creepy as that sounds, the most upsetting part is that they introduce themselves and start addressing you while standing closer than expected of strangers. Usually, the trick here is to take a step back first to reinforce safe distancing. People need to learn what personal space is, and not just that, to respect it too.

Preaching on the bus, on public walkways, and knocking on other people’s doors to introduce them to your imaginary friends. By far the most aggravating of the lot, but nobody looks ready for that discussion. There’s something that makes these preachers think that the rest of the world is in dire need of their attention, and that of their Gods. It’s as if they are unaware that every other religion claims that theirs is the one true path to fulfillment. The best solution for this problem is to cut them off before they open their ‘holy books’, inform them that all people are not religious; then excuse yourself.

People will always find something upsetting about others in society, and at their jobs. The secret lies in recognizing the triggers, then employing evasive maneuvers constantly. Confrontation might do the trick too, but it is risky because certain people are psychopaths, gas lighters, and narcissists who will spin the narrative to questioning your sanity. Such individuals are ou there, some of whom are violent; evasion is the best bet.